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October 12, 2017

Community Media Day celebrates the power of community media and the importance of free speech. Public access channels, community media centers, and cultural institutions around the country recognize October 20th with special events and screenings. Here at the Media Factory we'll have some special workshops and will be sharing the stories of our community producers and partners. Share your own story about why community media and free speech matter to you with the hashtag #communitymediaday on Facebook and Twitter. 


10/16 Basic Camera

10/17 Green Screen and Animation with DoInk

10/18 Mediamakers Show and Tell

10/19 Camera 101

10/21 VCAM Orientation

Join our Media Factory Meetup page to see all of RETN, VCAM and WBTV-LP's video and radio workshops and community events.

Videos that celebrate our community

  • Above the Radar

    Vermont’s first ever public art project showcasing more than 30 mural and graffiti artists from throughout the Northeast working on one giant 260' canvas called "Above The Radar."

  • Clemmons Family Farm: The Stories Behind the Stories

    PREMIERE 10/18 at 8pm on Ch 16 and BTVHD 216. Learn from the Clemmons Family about the importance of recording family storytelling and hear some of their favorite memories told by Jackson and Lydia Clemmons.

  • More Alike Than Different

    Champlain College students produced this portrait of Dan Goodrow, a musician, athlete and advocate.

  • Refugee Outreach Club Fundraiser

    Sabouyouma performs at this benefit and celebration of the Refugee Outreach Club, a local organization founded by young people to get Vermont high school students involved in the international community with service locally and globally.

  • Storytelling VT: Annie Mollo

    Storytellers take the stage at the Light Club Lamp Shop to tell stories of "being human," in partnership with the Fletcher Free Library. Annie Mollo tells a gripping story of a house fire, moment by moment.