RETN Launches New Logo and Web Site

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RETN is pleased to introduce our new, easier-to-use Web site. Our new site and logo represent a remarkable change in look and direction for us.  We hope you like what you see.

What's special about the new Web site?

Our new Web site makes it easy to find local video content in an ad-free environment. The two main navigation buttons reflect our new tag line—“Watch and Learn.” Under the “Watch” button, you'll find streaming video of live events, a list of programs airing on Channel 16, and a library of local content that can be browsed by subject, date and producer. You can also use our  “partner channels” to find and watch programs from our partner organizations. Under the “Learn” button, you can register for training workshops, request equipment reservations, and learn about a wide range of internships offered by RETN.

Why has RETN adopted a new logo?

We’ve adopted a new logo to mark a change in direction at RETN. For more than 20 years, we’ve deployed our staff primarily to record, edit and air educational programs in the community. Now RETN will focus more on teaching people how to do it themselves, creating partnerships with organizations that have interesting educational content, and helping them share it more effectively on Channel 16 and our new Web site.

Who will benefit from this new direction?

Teachers, students, community members, non-profit organizations, and even businesses that want to produce educational content will benefit. With the prevalence of smart phones, tablets and affordable video cameras, many people now own the tools to create video but lack the skills or confidence to use the tools well. Our fundamental mission hasn’t changed, but the world around us has. Our training enables people to use these powerful new tools to produce something more creative, significant and of better quality than they otherwise could.

What does the new logo represent?

The new logo, created by Burlington design firm Methodikal, features four colorful squares suggesting both television screens and building blocks. We’re reaffirming “television” in our name because that’s the word people use to refer to high-quality video content, regardless of the type of device or connection they use to watch it. The building blocks represent the way RETN builds community by bringing people together to create—and view—educational content. The design is playful, energetic, clean and smart.