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The Magic of Green Screen Videomaking

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April 21, 2017
Have you ever wanted to see yourself in another time period? On another planet? Have you been captivated by video animations and thought, "I'd love to try that?" Believe it or not, you can do all of these things with Do Ink, the creator of a pair of iPad apps that combine video, drawing, photographs, and edits them into videos that play with time and space. You can sign up to learn this magical tool in Delving into Do Ink: Making Green Screen Videos and Animations - a workshop offered at the Media Factory, created and presented by Jill Dawson, an artist, educator, and maker. We asked Jill about this unique way of telling stories, and what to expect from the workshop. Here's what she had to say:

Making a green screen video is magical!

My favorite thing about using a green screen is the ability to create the illusion of being anywhere other than where you really are. I’ve had a lot of fun putting myself (or my dog) into a piece of art, on a beach, or in unexpected places like the center of a frothing mug of cappuccino.  I’ve observed students time traveling to Ancient Egypt to reenact the mummification process, and I’ve watched with wonder as they’ve fearlessly immersed themselves into news broadcasts of their own making.

Do Ink’s Green Screen and Drawing/Animation apps make it easy to tell a story by allowing a person to combine layers of meaning.  While the green screen app is fantastic for bringing people and objects into a scene, combining photographs and/or video footage, the drawing/animation app adds even more creative potential.  The drawing/animation app gives you the option to select from a library of animated props, as well as the ability to design your own original drawings and animations.  It’s a lot of fun to combine the two apps to help tell a story and it’s also possible to use just one or the other depending upon your needs. 

While there are plenty of video tutorials available online to help you learn how to use Do Ink’s apps, coming into the Media Factory for one of our workshops will also give you guided, hands-on practice with different lighting arrangements.  We’ve heard from many of our past participants that the ability to experiment and play with our assortment of tripods, microphones, and lights has helped increase their confidence in creating high quality green screen videos.